Hundreds of beer fans were left literally out in the cold on Saturday as the Beavertown brewery in Tottenham Hale closed their gates on a massively oversubscribed party.

Over 3,000 people made it into the brewer’s industrial estate site to sample beers that had travelled from as far as Norway and Denmark, in the case of those from Ægir and To Øl, and as close as just up the A10, in the case of beer from Tottenham’s other local brewer Redemption. But more people were left outside as a queue forming after the event started at 1pm quickly stretched back down the access road and to the huge tower blocks of the Hale development.

In a blog post on Monday the brewery admitted that making the event free and unticketed was a “critical error”.

Inside Beavertown

Inside Beavertown

“It meant we reached safe capacity very quickly and a lot of people did not make it in,” says Beavertown. “For those of you who did not make it into the party this year: please allow us to apologise wholeheartedly, especially to those of you who we know travelled considerable distances.”

Those who did make it inside found a truly remarkable selection of beers to go with the heaving crowds. Beavertown brought out the molasses-thick and deadly-potent Mr Hyde beer and a double-strength version of the their staple Neck Oil IPA. Special mentions go to To Øl’s wit beer brewed with liquorice, Mikkelller’s ale with fermented with peaches and Redchurch’s saison brewed with grapes.

With these breweries pushing the definition of beer to breaking point with their concoctions, it was left to Redemption – the only brewer to eschew pressurised kegs in favour of casks – to provide the closest thing to a classic ale with a special and delicious version of their Big Chief staple (dubbed Little Chief).

The huge crowds meant the ‘Be-aver My Valentine’ party was never going to be a relaxing drinking experience. But to fill an industrial estate in Tottenham with smiling, giddy beer geeks on a cold Saturday is some achievement.

Words: Daniel Cressey

If you couldn’t make it into the party, the Beavertown tap room is open on Saturday afternoons. For more info visit Beavertown.