Alinah Roberts

Alinah Roberts

Born and bred north Londoner, I’d describe myself as a cheeky, fun-loving, deepthinker who loves a challenge and lazy afternoons in bed (which rarely happen). In my earlier career, I worked as a freelance entertainment journalist for seven years from online to print platforms and was a newshound for celeb publications More and Heat. Dissatisfied with the vibration of the industry, I’ve since moved on. A hippy at heart, I’d love nothing more than world peace with an end to poverty as we pass round the chalice.

Absolutely love to travel and have spent long periods of time in Antigua, Ghana and Kenya sourcing fresh, authentic African-inspired accessories.

This is alongside creating Shea butter blends which I sell from the luxury of my home and at key events and markets. Kizzy Kinte is my online alias – sharing and uncovering authentic experiences on this plantation of economic power called capitalism… from a Tottenham perspective, of course. The struggle is real…and so is love, baby!

How long have you lived/worked in Tottenham and why?
My parents moved to the area when I was five. My mother, being a Hornsey girl, needed a lil convincing…

When were you happiest?
A happy moment was when I landed in Accra Ghana and the two weeks I spent there after. Never have I felt that I was exactly at the right place and the right time in my life… mystic vibes. Oh and Jouvert marnin’ at any given carnival.

What is your favourite sound or smell?
The rumble of the booming bass sounds when entering Notting Hill Carnival accompanied by the smell of the sweet jerk grill. Mmm. The smell of bout-to-get-on-bad.

What is your greatest life achievement?
Being. Here. Now.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?
Be authentic. There’s only one you.