Tottenham Art Classes

A selection of life drawing sketches and paintings from Tottenham Art Classes

Local duo Taz and Tom have been running Tottenham Art Classes for over two years now – weekly drop-in art sessions in life-drawing and watercolour.

“We’ve achieved so much since starting the classes with a packed first session,” Taz explains. “We’ve gone from launching day courses in oil painting, illustration and printmaking, to holding our first group exhibition last year. We’re now in our third year so we’d love to get to year five.”

The classes are held in venues you may visit already like The Beehive pub, Styx Bar and Lordship Rec Hub. Those attending are a real mix, from students to young professionals to retired people.


A life drawing session in progress

The sessions are often packed which shows how much people love going, as well as how needed they are for us Tottenham-ites wanting a creative buzz.

Taz says the feedback has been great. “Some have said the classes allowed them to get creative closer to home. Everyone loves the £5 price for the weekly two-hour life drawing class.”

He adds that the classes are a great place to meet people living in the area: “It’s really helped us feel part of a growing creative community in Tottenham. It’s been great to see people connecting, networking, feeling inspired and collaborating on new projects or events since attending the classes.”


Using watercolour and photographic reference to create beautiful artwork

For those of you wanting to try but nervous about your skill levels, Taz can reassure you.
“People don’t want to feel judged so we make sure we’re approachable. We try and convey that it’s a friendly and supportive class where people with all abilities are welcome.” Some of the sessions have tutors walking around the room, making suggestions and helping people out one to one.

You can only admire Taz and Tom, who have day jobs as well as organising these classes. “We’re always getting asked about kids’ classes but it’s difficult to squeeze everything in. But we haven’t ruled anything out! We’re looking to expand on our one-day courses, possibly into more painting sessions.”

The classes are part of an increasing number of exciting creative activities and projects happening in the area. “People are feeling inspired, coming up with lots of ideas and getting involved,” says Taz. “But there’s always room for more opportunities and facilities to bring out and nurture the creativity in young people.”

Words: Lydia Martin. All images by Tottenham Art Classes

Tottenham Art Classes are holding an exhibition to showcase and celebrate the work of those who have attended their classes. Lead Water & Ink is open from 1st April to 1st May at Craving Coffee.

Classes: Watercolours: Mondays, £7 at Lordship Rec Hub Life drawing: Thursdays, £5 at The Beehive pub Life drawing: Monthly, £5 at the Styx Bar in Tottenham Hale from March 2016 (check website for dates)

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