Lost track of your creative self?

Trying to remember how to stitch, crochet, felt or knit? Or simply fancy a crafty pint with some like minded locals?

‘Made in Tottenham’, a local craft night, is your answer. Founded in 2011 by Helen Currie, the group meets on many Thursday nights from 8pm at The Antwerp Arms on Church Road, the pub behind Bruce Castle Park.

Everybody with a warm attitude to crafting is welcome.

Enjoying a glass or two at the craft night.

I’m putting it this way because, to be honest, it’s fine if you don’t yet or possibly ever have a creative project to hand.

Of course, there is the hard core of lovely friends who create felted flowers, knitted mittens, embroidered goldfish and pretty pompoms all the time.

A jumper knitted at Made in Tottenham.

You name it – they craft it, and they are a true inspiration for anyone with itchy fingers.

For the likes of me, who at some point managed to knit a baby jumper with a way too big hood and far too itchy wool for any newborn’s comfort, crafts night has become the time and place for a locally brewed pale ale and a crafty chinwag – a step out of the working parent’s daily hamster wheel and a space to remember in all tiredness that there might be a part of me which is neither mum nor professional.

Knitting away.

Thanks to crafts night, I’ve found there is. What a relief. And on occasion, a new creative thought will come to mind and manifest itself in wool or on paper.

To take a peek online and double-check we’re definitely there on that particular Thursday night you thought of popping along, find ‘Made in Tottenham’ on Instagram, or Twitter – but more importantly, we look forward to meeting you for real.

Words by Britta Reinecke
Images provided by Made in Tottenham

Made in Tottenham Thursdays at 8pm at The Antwerp Arms, 168-170 Church Rd, Tottenham, London N17 8AS